Not so smug now …….

My no spending on clothes was going so swimmingly and then I can a cropper at M&S. By a country mile my favourite style of bottom half of clothing is a culotte or midi length skirt.  So it’s a natural step that I would also go for a cropped, wide legged style trouser.  Some of my friends wouldn’t go near this style as they find it unflattering and ‘politician wife like’.  I think also people are put off by the amount of fabric there is with the wide legged trouser, this is particularly so with shorter folk.  But with me I find them easy for work with a loose fitting shirt and jacket or blazer but equally good smartened up with a silky vest top or something more fitted like a cold shoulder top and some heels.  I find it’s just a question of proportions so in an effort to balance things up I steer well clear of anything oversized on the top half.

So suddenly there’s a bit of sunshine and Mrs W. is getting the ankles out even though they’re so white they look like I’m wearing some odd, white coloured pop socks.  My new cropped navy trousers are from Autograph M&S and were £49.50.  I’ve loving them so much that I’ve worn them twice for work already this week.  Very similar look each day with the Reiss pink jacket and a scarf, just alternating the shoes and top.  Gold brogues are from AGL.  Printed top is from Whistles and suede wedges are Audley.

image image

That’s me done work wise for Easter – hallelujah I say, I’m absolutely knackered crackered.  Got a load of people over for Easter so tomorrow marks the start of the cooking frenzy.  Got a fridge and freezer full of food and cupboards bursting with booze which every time I’m convinced with last for ages and then predictably surprised when the cupboards are bare within a couple of days.  I clearly just blame the kids …….. as I do for everything!

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