Green with lawn envy …..

Do you ever look around your house and can’t believe how grubby its got, literally overnight.  Now I look closely it appears that every wall in the house  is covered with cracks or disgusting stain of some dubious origin.  And our garden is no exception.  It’s pot luck if it’s weeds or grass that you’re standing on.  I know I bang on about everything being the kids fault, but really in this case the fault lies firmly at their feet – they’ve created a mud bath with all their football.  I was at a friend’s today and virtually cried seeing her luscious green lawn with all the lawnmower lines where they should be.

Anyhooo rant over.  Today’s weather was a complete surprise and you know what I did to celebrate the fine weather, put my M&S navy cropped wide legged trousers on …. again!  My only concern is that my mum took one look at them and said she wanted a pair.  My lucky escape that they didn’t stock them in the Kingston branch was foiled by her forcing me to buy her a pair on line.  Funnily enough I’m not a fan of the mother/daughter same outfit look.


Today’s outfit with the M&S trousers was M&S denim smock top, Red Herring gillet, Converse pumps, Stella & Dot scarf.

Now I know recently I’ve sounded like I’m sponsored by M&S – I can only wish.  But I’ve really liked lots of their bits for S/S16.  This metallic skirt is one such thing.  Typical Marks and hideously styled both on line and by yours truly but I think this could be a great buy.  I would wear lower on the hips and in real life the colours are much better and more metallic. Worn with an off the shoulder top and sandals, perfect little summery outfit.


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