The highs and very lows of River Island ……

I’d have given it one more try and then I’d officially have given in.  If you recall in the Christmas sale I brought a whole haul of bits from River Island and without excetion every single thing was an unmitigated disaster.  One, nothing looked like they did online.  Two, the quality was utter crap, I’m talking one wash and they’d be history.  And third, the tendency to accessorise with a shiny, gold effect zip or button on so many of their clothes upset me …. hugely!

On the flip side River Island does do good sales.  And my theory is that amid all the cack the odds are that there must be a gem there somewhere.  Clearly this leads to a very time consuming shopping experience but I think on my latest try I may have come up trumps.

Firstly the hassled, beige suede boots.  I love them.  The styling in the photo is curtesy of my 10-year old, so not exactly professional.  But they will be so useful is this spring like weather where you’re tempted to believe it’s warm out but actually its parky as anything.  These will be brilliant with skinnies of any description but also my leather midi skirt and my vast array of culottes.  £75 down to £35 really is good value and so far, so comfy.


I’ve been after a black pair of capri style trousers for ages.  RI have come up trumps here as well.  Great fit and nice detailing with the leather look waistband.  I fancy these with an all black outfit and my metallic brogues or heeled skater shoes. They could easily be dressed up with stilettos or sandals.  In the photo I could be wearing a pair of black trackie bums for all you see but the will was there to give you an idea.  £38 down to £17, again a great bargain as long as they don’t fall apart too soon.


And then it all goes to pot.  From online photo there is no indication that there are shiny zips on the pockets or the hem.  I thought I was getting a plain pair of black combats.  The material is beyond hideous, more shiny leggings and the fit …… well all I can say is camel toe.  £30 down to £15.  I wouldn’t want them if they gave them to me.


Off to book club. Meant to have read HG Wells’ Kipps by now but I have failed big time. Haven’t even broken the 100 page mark. So I won’t have anything to add to the discussion but I do still like sitting there listening to the others and tucking into the nibbles.

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2 thoughts on “The highs and very lows of River Island ……

  1. Must say I’ve never had quality trouble with River Island, and always felt they’ve been on a par with Topshop or Next in that middle of the road way. However what I can tell you is that the tricks photographers, and stylists use to make something look more appealing are countless. For example clothes will be pinned back or taped down to make it look more structured on the model, food is painted with glycerol to keep it looking fresher and glossier, dry ice is used to make steam. That’s why your Big Mac (not that someone like yourself would be likely to eat one) never looks like the one in the picture.


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