Mrs W’s outfit rundown …….

My problem is my week has been a bit of nothing kind of week.  I’ve been kicking around; bit of going to work, some tame outings with kids and that’s about it.  The thing is my latest obsession with wallpapers is becoming all consuming – just no time for anything else.  The building work is coming to an end and so time for all the good bits like the decoration.  So out with the ‘elephant’s breath’ and ‘cracked clay 4’ paint and in with wallpaper, everywhere.  I’ve got that situation of pretending I’m letting the kids choose how to decorate their bedrooms, until they start talking about red walls and a Fulham themed room.  All this express your personality brings the control freak out in me!

First off is a work outfit.  Grey silk tunic from M&S which in my wilder days I have worn as a dress.  I don’t wear it much now as every time I wash my hands I end up looking like I’ve wet myself with all the stains down the front, which isn’t really the look I’m going for in the office.  Worn with M&S black polo neck, black East skinny jeans and Emu boots.


A further attempt to wear jeans which I still don’t feel particularly comfortable in.  I can’t understand these ladies that talk about jeans being their uniform.  I must clearly persevere with this.  M&S sweatshirt that I brought recently with a 20% discount, which on reflection is too short and may be better with high waisted skirts, and Topshop skater boots.


On Friday it was hot enough to picnic in the park and for the kids to paddle in the stream.  Madness as far as I was concerned but they were half naked for hours.  East boho blouse, East cardigan, Warehouse leather look trousers, Ash Virgin trainers.  Sunglasses are a 5 Euro pair from the French market last year and miraculously still going strong.


Just off out for a 6-miler walk in this photo.  There’s this website, Fancy Free walks that I really recommend if you’ve got bored of your walk books.  All circular, all go past pubs and are nominated by local walkers who constantly update the website so no paths that disappear or routes that end up in a bog.  I am sporting my new knit from my mother-in-law which is going to be really useful.  Gap chinos, Massimo Dutti striped top and AGL brogues.


The end of The Night Manager has left a hole in our Sunday nights so am going to attempt to fill the gap by getting into Undercover.  A drama about undercover police – full of intrigue and deception.  Oh hello, what’s not to love about that scenario?

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