Getting carried away with a bargain …….

There’s no getting away from it, Gap do good sales.  Yes, there are all sorts of dubious gear in the sales but if you wait for the 50/60% discount and then wait a bit longer, a further 20% deduction will come your way.  I tend to go for their gym gear, which can be scarily expensive full price, but at 70% off is a fantastic price for excellent quality lycra and also some of their basics like the breton long sleeved tops.

So jeans …… as we’ve established I don’t have a huge range of jeans.  Skinnies are ok but in my mind they don’t really count as proper denim, as they really look like leggings.  So the Gap sale seems to be the right place to try and experiment with jeans, but not invest a huge amount in them.

When I first tried these distressed Authentic True Skinny jeans on I was convinced the husband and kids would fall about laughing amid all the comments of ‘mutton’ and ‘talk about embarrassing’ but actually they were surprisingly complimentary.  I think I’d probably prefer a bit less distressing but at £13.59 (down from £49.95) I figure they are worth a whirl.  The blouse is also a purchase from Gap and was £7.99 (down from £44.95).  I actually think this blouse will come into its own with the navy culottes from M&S and the high waisted midi skirts I have.


And then to the purchases I can only blame on ‘sale delirium’.  I usually love a tie in waisted top as I find them really flattering and had actually had my eye on this denim kimono style wrap top for a while.  It was £32.47 (down from £49.95).  But on its like a blue coloured judo jacket.  My daughter said it just looked like a very short dressing gown and she’s got a point.  I love the bright orange of the top and in my mind’s eye I thought it would be a great summer top with shorts, £22.72 (down from £34.95). How wrong I was.  Too short, doesn’t fit under the arm and looks creased before you’ve even put it on.  And finally the Indigo best girlfriend jeans £13.59 (down from £44.95).  Clearly I’m not cut out to be anyone’s girlfriend any more as they don’t fit on any level.  Too short and too much fabric around the legs.  All to be returned.



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