Casual, I feel like a right scruff bag ……

Today is a good day in the White household apparently.  I couldn’t care less but everyone else is mightily pleased that Fulham have got themselves another win which means they might not get regulated.  I haven’t been to Fulham since Mr White and I were ‘courting’.  Married now, so can swerve having to stand in the wind and the rain for 90 minutes by handing the mantle of supporting over to the kids.

Because I don’t really do casual dressing I sometimes think that I look like I’m going to the office everyday.  Much of my wardrobe I wear to work but also when I’m off duty, so to speak.  But I would quite like to have more of a casual look going on.  But I don’t actually think I’m really up to it.  Today I tried but the result was that I just felt scruffy – a 40+ plus year old masquerading as a student.


Gap jeans, Gap denim shirt, blue Jigsaw top, Ash Virgin trainers, Esprit bomber jacket

Right, it’s a sit in with BGT, kids are beside themselves with excitement.

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3 thoughts on “Casual, I feel like a right scruff bag ……

  1. Probably mentioned this before, but I dressing up makes you feel good then do it, yet I sense you want to give this dressing down thing a go. I think you’ve got the right elements in that outfit, but perhaps you could experiment with swapping out one piece, there’s a borgen type scandi-chic feel to this outfit, perhaps slightly less fitted boyfriend cut jean with a dressier shoe would satisfy your preference for smarter looks.


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