Reporting from Leicester …….

Well that was fairly unpleasant – travelling by National Express coach that is.  This weekend I’ve come up to Leicester for a squash tournament and in an attempt to save money, opted for the coach rather than the train.  A return to London is only 20 quid so admittedly it’s cheap but its not exactly the luxury way to travel.  When I asked the driver for the Wifi code he virtually fell off his driving seat laughing.  I can’t imagine what the £1 Megabus to Aberdeen gave you in the way of on board freebies!

So travelled from the gorgeous weather in London to the rain and chill of Leicester.  I fear I may have packed too optimistically weather wise.  Anyway a quick run down of outfits from this week.  First up a bit of a dress down day at work.  New Look coated skinnies, grey top from Gray & Willow, jacket stroke dress if you do the zip up although I haven’t experimented with this look yet is Bitte Kai Rand, gold brogues AGL and the scarf your guess would be as good as mine as I haven’t a scoobie where this came from.


I may look smiley in this photo but believe me I’m not as I’m trying to cajole the kids, any one of them will do, to take a photo without jumping about.  So this is the one and only offering from them.  With black outfits its difficult to distinguish what the hell I am wearing but it actually a new Whistles skirt that I picked up in the sale £40 down from £110.  I can only describe it as tulip shaped with a number of different lengths and shapes going on.  Black top from Monsoon, grey boots are Gia and the grey cardigan is another mystery.  This cardigan is probably my husband’s most despised item in my wardrobe.  He’s not a great fan of the chain mail around the edge.


And then having an orange moment towards the end of the week.  Dress is from Whistles, jacket from Hobbs, suede stilettos from Dune about 15 years ago.


Outfits for the next few days will consist of squash kit and then a bit more squash kit.  However there is a dinner/dance on Sunday night which I’ll have to dress up for.  I’ve brought along my trusty old sparkly Whistles top and skirt combo but I imagine I’ll be knocked out of the tournament pretty promptly so may have time for a spot of shopping in the Midlands.

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