The tale of 3 tables …….

This time last last year I ordered a new dining table.  Easy peesy you’d think, bound to get the table in a couple of weeks …… well how wrong I was.  I’m told it’s made in Italy and takes 4 months to arrive.  Slightly annoyed as what do we eat how Christmas dinner of but still relatively calm.  The table arrives and its broken and no amount of different people coming out to visit will mend it.  So we wait another 4 months for the second version – same problem, the table is knackered.  Now I am seriously hacked off  and appear to be in a close, personal relationship with customer services but decide to get this bloody table one final chance.  Today table no. 3 is delivered, which means I have to stay in waiting for half a day and you know what?  Yep, this one is also broken.  This my friends is what gives me wrinkles.  I know have 6 chairs ordered especially and no table!

Rant over and onto outfits from the week and with the weather veering from tropical to snow storm with one thing and another I didn’t know which way to turn.  I clearly dressed down for work this day with M&S high waisted skinny jeans, Gap blouse, Red Herring gillet and John Lewis ankle boots.


Sticking with the autumnal colours even though I believe it was boiling this day.  Whistles leather jacket which is ancient and has clearly seen better days but I still like the old battered look.  Next silk shirt which I honestly would say is 25 years old, Jigsaw suede belt, midi skirt from Viyella and boots from L K Bennett.  If I added the age of each item up I say it was topping 100 years!  Nothing like getting wear from your purchases.


And finally, not the best look in the world but it was a shopping day trying to nail all the wallpaper choices and so comfort was the name of the game.  Reiss jacket, East jumper, patterned trousers from Fenn Wright Manson and boots from Gia.


All the kids and husband are out watching Fulham and then off for a curry.  So time to settle down for some Saturday night TV.

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