Completely naked …….

Of make up that is, hence plenty of ground facing shots today.  In a fit of energy I ran home from work so by the time I finally got around to showering and packing the kids off to bed I couldn’t face piling a load of slap on my face.

Now dungarees used to be that itch that I couldn’t stop itching.  However I’ve now flicked the V at dungarees after trying so many pairs all of which looked hideous or fell apart after a couple of hours of wear.  So the obsession is now moving on to jumpsuits where I hope to fare a bit better.  The pair on the right were brought a while ago and were from Gap.  To be fair I haven’t had as much wear as I thought from them.  It’s not the going to the loo thing that has been the issue but I’ve found the belt tie annoying.  It comes loose after a while and its one of those belts that really should be worn for the look rather than any practical use but unless I yank it in I don’t have any sort of waist.

So yesterday I spied the pair of the left, from M&S £45.  The denim is much darker and more fitted.  I like the button detailing down the front and on the bum there are two pockets which sounds unflattering but actually break up the expanse of fabric over the bum area that recently I’ve noticed is beginning to look like a bag of ice.

So folks which boiler suit do we prefer?  And is it a total waste of money forking out for an outfit which is so similar to something I’ve already got.  I could also do my usual and return and wait for the 20% sale to come along and then re-buy.  Answers on a postcard please.


This is how M&S style the jumpsuit.  Not sure on the striped T-shirt myself.  I think may opt for more of a heels and blazer combo.


Thanks for following.




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