Easily confused me …….

Occasionally, very occasionally mind, Next comes up with a gem or two.  These do tend to be dresses, I’m not so keen on their tops.  Over the last few years I’ve brought a couple of summer dresses – beach, ‘sack’ like style dresses – which I’ve worn and worn.  And I think Next have come up trumps again this season with a silky, pale khaki green coloured shirt dress, £32.

Now I love a shirt dress, me.  In my book anything that looks like an oversized shirt but acts like a dress is going to be a versatile item in your wardrobe.  Dresses are easy, especially in the summer, when you don’t even have to bother with tights.  To me shirt dresses are super easy as dressed down with tennis pumps, flat sandals even flip-flops  they give you an outfit that is casual yet a step up from a shorts and T-shirt combo.  I’ve got a pair of animal print sliders that may also work well.  Upping the glam stakes the fabric of the dress becomes key and that’s when a more silky material works well.  Bung on a pair of stiletto sandals or even ankle boots and bob’s your uncle you’ve got a more glamorous yet not over dressy look.

There is always the question of whether or not to cinch in the waist.  I prefer a skinny belt, something I’ve worn to work with a blazer but in general I prefer the unfitted, simple look of a shirt dress worn un-accessorised.


Now don’t judge this photo too harshly.  You just have to imagine me with tanned legs, in fact tanned all over as this colour isn’t the most forgiving for the pasty.  Clearly a bit more work is required on my part in preparing me to being exposed to the world.  It would look gorgeous with white so you could wear it over white skinnies if you found the length of the dress a bit daunting.  However it is longer at the back which made me feel a bit more decent.

I have searched for a picture of the dress styled properly but no trace on-line which is most odd.  However the Next website is a nightmare as there are about a trillion different brands there so the whole thing just leaves me feeling exhausted.

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