Holding out for more ……

I’ve previously blogged before about my love of paperbag waisted trousers.  For the colder seasons the trouser length was longer but as summer rolls in I think fitted and cropped is way to go.  I know that there are lots of you who find all the detailing on these sort of trousers hugely unflattering and feel like you end up looking like a paperbag.  But I actually think that the tie waist can camouflage the middle.  There’s no point in wearing these unless you’re going to bite the bullet and tuck whatever you’re wearing on top in so that you show off the paper bag waist part.

Back in the day I used to love Karen Millen.  Then it turned too footballers’ wives for me.  But its now back doing some gorgeous bits in beautiful colours.  Currently in the sale there is the best pair of black paperbag trousers that I’ve seen.  Slightly silky material, nicely cropped and although you can’t see in the photos there in a bit of interest in that the lower leg is a slightly different material to the rest of the trouser.  Sounds hideous, but isn’t.  Also they’re machine washable.  They used to be £125 and are currently £80, which is still too steep for me.  So I’m holding my nerve and everything crossed for further reductions.


Clockwise from top left.  These are some other options currently out there.  I’ve always loved a bit of pinstripe, this navy pair from Oasis £42 look great.  Topshop also do a pinstripe £40, just look a bit more fitted around the calf. It would be so easy to dress these up and wear to work just with sandals or loafers and a fitted top.  This is how the Karen Millen pair have been styled, dead simple with white to and peep toe heels. More casual is these cotton pair from Zara £25.99.  Centre picture – Cos are the place to go to for anything paperbag styled, the majority of their trousers have a tie waist or harem styling to them.  This black pair is £69 – my only question mark would be are they too drop waisted, I’m not a fan of the nappy look.

This is the Karen Millen in the flesh.  I’d usually go for a more fitted top half but actually I quite like the trousers with a looser fit blouse.


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