Belated outfit rundown ……

I just didn’t know how long a cricket matches takes – we’re talking half a day, at the very least.  My eldest had his first match yesterday and basically he was cacking himself.  So he doesn’t bat, bowls one over, doesn’t make a catch, eats about 15 biscuits at half time and that basically sums up his first cricket match.  Have to say though that he seemed to enjoy it and to be fair I could get used to sitting around in the sun and trying to pretend I’ve watched every single minute of the match.  Anyway the result of all this is that there’s no time for anything else, hence a much delayed outfit rundown.

I’d forgotten completely about these cropped, patterned trousers from Whistles and was pleased to see these old friends because they’re a really flattering pair of trousers, think its the black waist band.  Worn her with M&S high neck blouse, Whistles black blazer and silver sandals from Carvela.  These sandals are as old as the hills but as they’re metallic they go with pretty much everything.


It must have been hot last week as I had my shoulders out.  I’d wear this outfit for work although I’d change the sandals for a pair of wedges or heels.  Green top from Jaeger, culottes from Cos and lace up sandals are from Gia which is a favourite brand of mine.


And then finally the much discussed and thought about party outfit.  Reiss dress with Miss KG sandals.  I can’t tell you how many applications of fake tan I put on my legs and now I look at this photo I think, ‘why bother’, as there’s no discernible difference.  In retrospect I wouldn’t wear this peacock feather earrings again, I’d prefer some more glitzy ones.  Fab party though so really who cares what earrings I had on.


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