Supermarket sweep …….

Mild panic has set in regarding our camping trip on Wednesday. No husbands/partners going, just mums and kids. We’ve got one of those tents that comes with an instruction DVD and pathetic as it sounds I’ve never put the tent up. Been involved in packing it away but putting it up, nah!  Anyway a quick rush around the supermarket today in order to stock pile sausages, white wine and marshmallows with a quick divert around the Tu clothing section.  And I was pleasantly surprised.  I’ve brought gym gear from Tu in the past but not a lot of anything else.


There’s currently 25% off so things really are pretty cheap.  Gok Wan does a line at Tu, all of which, without exception, is hideous but there are also some really nice bits there.  This blue and white striped top £13.50 (down from £18) is very Boden-esq and felt really good quality.  Its plain navy at the back, where I’d prefer stripes going all the way around but just over a tenner you can’t complain.  I’m also a sucker for patterned trousers and I loved these cotton, cropped pair £15 (down from £20) with their 70’s feel.  Be gorgeous with a ruffled white blouse and tan wedges.


There wasn’t a massive selection in store but looking on line this red embroidered top £12 (down from £16) was my absolute favourite and just a little bit different.  I think you’d be hard pressed to spot that this was brought with your pint of milk and pack of Pringles.

Right back to more packing, it looks like we’re off to war rather than having a couple of nights in Gloucester.  Please god don’t let it rain.

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