Return of the camper ……

Well it all shows that I don’t need a husband to put up a tent but I do need a 12-year son and a very practically minded mate!

The signs weren’t great when we arrived in rainy old Gloucester but after the usual first night of carnage and zero sleep under canvas, things picked up considerably.  Seemed like the campsite was in its own little micro climate as weather was fab and the campsite itself was the best I’ve ever been to – Thistledown near Nympsfield if you’re asking. And there’s nothing quite like making you feel a good parent when you basically let the kids run feral whilst you sit and enjoy a G&T or few with the lovely girls.

Clearly nothing to report on the outfit front from camping – I was a skanky cow and wore the same jeans, top and headscarf the whole time.


So nice to wear something (a) different and (b) not smelling of the fire pit.  This H&M maxi dress that if I recall was about 12 quid has been working well for me.  After a few wears I realise that you need to wear a vest top of something similar as the tie up keeps falling open and a belt is needed otherwise its all a bit shapeless.  This suede belt from Jigsaw isn’t ideal but its one of the few belts that I have that you can properly pull in – all the others fall down slightly which shows the gathered waist of the dress.  Worn with Converse pumps.

I’m going to be experimenting with longer length this week – I’m not sure how that’s going to pan out at work but I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for following.



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