Quick outfit update ……

Well, what a funny old week weather wise.  However despite all the rain I’ve ended up looking like a lobster after being burnt to a crisp from being outside all day at sports day.  In these days of sun awareness I always feel a bit naff sporting a strange looking T-shirt tan/red mark but the sun caught me so off guard, I wasn’t ready for it.

Going a bit French oh lala, with a bit of mixing stripes going on.   Gap striped T-shirt, jacket is Noah (I think, but I’m at the squash club and can’t check).  Trousers are Fenn Wright Manson – I’ve recently breathed new life into them by having a couple of inches chopped off the bottom.  Previously they were that odd length when the hems slightly bunch over shoes.  Sandals are from Gia (again I think!).


One pair of trousers resurrected, another bites the dust.  Shortly after this photo I was giving the bathroom a clean and this print trousers from Mango finally gave up and the zip blew open, comedy style.  I shall miss them but they were very uncomfortable around the middle.  T-shirt from Warehouse, jacket from Reiss, flip flops freebies from Gap.


And then to be crowning glory of the week!  Pineapple jumpsuit, Monsoon necklace and Gia sandals plus a truly toasted Mrs White!


Have a great weekend and thanks for following.



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