Gate crashing ………..

Well I do enjoy a good old street party, but when your own road is doing absolutely squat there’s no alternative but to crash another one.  My friend has spent literally weeks helping to organise the party on her street so we snuck in there and it was absolutely fantastic – kids all had a whale of time.  Cake competition, fire brigade in attendance, tug of war, even a swing dance group; what more could you ask for?


Rather a big weekend, all in all.  Friday night we were out for a BBQ at friends, but no ordinary BBQ, oh no, rather a ‘dinner party’ barbie so no bangers and burgers but all sorts of other gorgeous things, plus far too much margaritas.  My tip of the weekend is ready made margarita from Costco, amazing stuff although rather potent it has to be said.  I wore the off the shoulder top from Karen Millen that I actually brought a while ago but haven’t yet worn together with a silk maxi skirt from the Whistles sale a couple of years ago.  Its a dark green colour, despite looking black in the photo.  Its another one of those things that I forget about, don’t wear much but when I do I love!  Sandals are Gia.

imageI’ve succumbed to that trend I’ve noticed for a while of matching top and bottoms, usually in a silky material, that looks like you’ve got your PJs on.  Hermione De Paula is doing a line for Wallis, somewhere I never really shop.  I’ve brought a floral top and bottoms that is currently winging its way to mine.  I’ll let you know how I get on.

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3 thoughts on “Gate crashing ………..

  1. Hmmm posh barbie (sounds like a toy…) is a good idea, must convince my friends to throw a shrimp on the barbie which seems commonplace if you’re Aussie but totally alien in British circles. Do let me know if you have any other ideas on what can be cooked over hot coals.


      1. Oooh all very Mediterranean! Have you seen those fish grilling baskets popular in Greece and the Balkans? Can imagine something like Sea bass would work very well. Maybe langoustine and lobster tails would be nice too. Its nearly dinner time so food is definitely on the mind.

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