Don’t think I’ve got the balls for this ……

I’d like to, I really would but I’m not sure I could actually put this ensemble on and walk out the house.  My husband virtually fell off his perch when he saw these and just couldn’t get it into his head why anyone would pay triple the price of pyjamas, only to wear a pair of perfectly nice pyjamas.  But by god there’s comfy, bit like PJs really.  So I love the idea of the matching top and bottom silky lounge suite but I just carry them off, I look a total tool.

Wallis Hermione De Paula top £40, trousers £40


And do they work as a separate?  I think its a resounding no, in fact they probably look worse, like I can’t be arsed to get properly dressed.  At least with both the top and bottoms it looks like I’ve made an effort and tried to embrace the lounge wear trend.


So its back to the drawing board.  There was other bits in my Wallis delivery, all along the jungle pattern theme.  One is a big no and the other is an all in one shortsuit which I have high hopes for but the old hockey thighs may put pay to them.

Off out to bookclub now – current book is The Street by Bernardine Bishop.  Not a high scorer as far as I’m concerned but we’ll see what the other ladies think.

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