Little things please little minds …..

Nailing the denim shirt has always been a bit of a holy grail for me, which I’ve failed miserably at. Over the years I’ve tried a whole range of possibles, none of which have hit the mark. I want a denim shirt but not one that looks like a pair of jeans. I want it fitted but long enough to cover any unsightly bits around the waist and I’m aiming for a particular colour wash that looks well washed but not washed out. Can’t imagine this makes any sense and clearly tragic how long I’ve considered these things.

Well I’ve found it ………


Espirit shirt, French Connection white jeans, Dune sliders

I was aimlessly wandering around the shops and spied this baby.  Its from Esprit and is currently half price so £39.99 down to 20 quid.  There must be some lycra in it as it has the feel of thick leggings so has quite a fitted look about it.  There’s also some nice detailing around the pockets and the pearly poppers are a nice change from buttons.

Nothing doing in our house this weekend, everyone apart from me, is glued to the telly watching all this footie.  3 matches a day, that’s over 5 hours of football watching – I could get a tad hacked off with all that seeing as there’s still weeks to go.  Hey ho …….

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