Sinking to new lows ….

I’ve always pitied the poor kid who’s parent has missed the mufti day memo and is a lone school uniform in a sea of Roald Dahl character or whatever the latest school money making scheme is.  Well today I well and truly missed the memo that it was in fact a castle themed day (you what?!).  I only saw the text about 5 minutes before the kids left for school, by which time I was at work and my poor mother-in-law had to deal with the shame of a 6-year old in outfit of a beige T-shirt and shorts looking more than a bit out of place amid all the knights and princesses.  Even the teacher asked him what he’d come as.  Credit where credit is due though his only comment when I picked him up was that he’d been a servant all day, funnily enough he was the only one in the class!

Onto more important things, namely the sales have arrived.  That together with the sun briefly appearing for 5 minutes has put me in the mood for monochrome.  Don’t why I always find that back and white has a summery feel to it.

I’ve had this Hobbs black and white top for about 15 years.  I brought it for a wedding outfit at the time when all my friends were getting married and I was going to a wedding every weekend and if not a wedding then a hen do.  Wearing it here with Reiss blazer, River Island cropped trousers and Nine West sandals that were half price (now £45) in the sale.


These are my favourite black and white sale buys.  Clockwise from top middle.  Dune ankle strap pumps £37 (was £75).  These would be crap with my bunions but great on normal sized feet.  Love, love this Kin oversized dress £34.50 (£69).  I’d actually like some wallpaper with this sort of pattern but this dress would go with pretty much any footwear but I’d like it with metallic sandals.  This Warehouse midi dress looks much more expensive than its £35 price tag (down from £59).  Great all rounder but an easy throw on for work.  I’ve featured this Whistles cold shoulder striped top before but it now has a more palatable price at £60 (was £95) – although I shall be hanging in there for more discounts as they are bound to come.  Embracing the prisoner in you these Mango cropped palazzo trousers are just what I like and at a tempting price £19.99 (was £39.99).  The logo T-shirt is also Mango and is £6.99 (was 9.99).  Would be good with a blazer and boyfriend jeans.  Finally in the centre is Somerset rope print trouser £44.50 (was £89).  There’s also a matching top if you want to go down the pyjama look, but not too far of course.


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