5 minutes of sunshine ……

Sufficient time to done a strapless sundress I say. However I was chilly all day and it was the day all class rep hates, the school summer fair. We got well and truly stitched up and were given the barbecue stall. There were queues 30 deep half an hour after opening time, utter carnage.

I actually love this dress which was a sale buy (what else) from Gap.  I do often wear a belt with it but decided against today. Brown gladiator sandals are from AGL.



And then to a photo that makes me want to weep and book an operation to blitz my bunions pronto. Dear god they look like the trotters from a creature from the Hobbit!  These are some new Steve Madden silver sandals that I ordered but clearly will be returning. Such a pain now having to think about ‘dressing’ my feet rather than buying whatever shoes I fancy. I reckon if I did have the op I could start buying shoes 1 maybe 2 sizes smaller.


Anyway on that slightly unsavoury note, have a good week and thanks for following.





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