Taking it to new heights ……

I can’t do mega heel height.  Number one, at 5’9″ or 10″ I’m too tall so I’d dwarf my husband and for some strange reason the majority of my mates are on the smallish side so I just end up peering down at the top of their heads the whole time.  Also as has previously been demonstrated my feet are in a sorry state and so I seriously think I’d do myself a spinal injury if I regularly wore high heels.

So could the wedge sandal be an option?  I’ve now realised that I can’t wear any sort of sandal with a single strap that goes across my foot as this only accentuates the size of the bunions.  Better to go for style that encases my foot so the sticky out bits don’t look so obvious.  These cork wedge sandals are from Carvela and are currently £59 (previously £99).  They’re not a dead cert for keeping yet as it will take me a while to get used to  wearing shoes that feel like you’re lifting a small baby with each step you take.  They also feel and look huge – remind of when I was about 9 and you used to have those rubbish roller skates that you took an age to do up and all you could really do in them is totter down the road.  Saying all that I think they could be sandals that could literally be worn with everything; shorts, maxi skirt or a midi skirt.


Wearing it with Cos red dress and Stella & Dot necklace.

I sound obsessed but booked to see the Doc on Thursday to discuss bunion op.  I think if I went for it I’d have both done at the same time, although I hear that they can grow back, is that right?  Horrific thought!

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3 thoughts on “Taking it to new heights ……

  1. Bunions can sadly return, but so long as you don’t live in heels you’ll be fine. Also modern point toes seem to be less extreme compared to the 90s, so they’re a lot less harmful.


  2. Having a bunion operation is a great option I see many patients who have successful operations and never have any further problems others have many. Research the orthopaedic surgeons in your area do any specialise in foot surgery and are their results successful its amazing the information you can find online now and its certainly worth it for a positive outcome btw the shoes are stunning love them xx

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    1. Oh thank you for the advice, so useful – I have a friend who’s had it done and it looks very neat. I just worry how long it will take me to get back on the squash court but it’s one of those things that if you’re going to have it done you might as well crack on and have it done earlier than later. Jury is still out on the shoes!


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