Like Mamma used to wear ….

I’ve gone AWOL recently – blame the new bike.  For my recent birthday I was given a much longed for bike.  Think style of Call the Midwife, but in mint green and I’m literally cycling everywhere at the moment, although not particularly speedily.  In the past I’ve been a bit dismissive of a helmet but now I’m proper grown up and 44 I’m being a good girl and wearing my helmet.  Its the type of bike where you don’t have to wear any sort of of cycling gear or lycra – just get on your bike and go.  So the problem is that I cycle to work as which point my hair is all over the place and just generally looking a bit grubby!  Not particularly conducive to taking a load of photographs.

The saga of a suitable pair of summer sandals goes on.  Ideally I want silver but that is proving remarkably difficult to find.  I’m still undecided about about the Carvela black sandals I featured in my last post.  So these Geox white and gold crossover sandals maybe another option.  These are essentially wedge pool sliders and remind me so much of the sort of shoe my mum used to wear back in the day, must have been in the 70’s.  Geox are a great shoe brand, I’m always surprised how much I like their designs.  However I do always associate Geox with comfort footwear and these sandals really are proper comfortable.  White sandals are always going to be versatile and can be worn with pretty much anything so they could well be keepers.


Sandals are currently £60 (down from £95).  Worn with Reiss peach trousers brought a couple of years ago in the sales and Whistles blue shirt again brought in the sale.  Necklace from Accessorise.

There are lots of goodies still out there is the sale.  Both Reiss and Whistles are adding further discounts but not yet reaching the heady heights of 70% off that I’m so fond off.

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