Outfit rundown …..

A few new sale purchases this week.  All from M&S although I’m sure a load will be returned.  The target of Mr W’s hatred this week is the Alexa Chung ruffle, high neck shirt which he’s says makes me look like an angel you’d stick on a Christmas tree.  Anyway I’ve been wanting a midi length denim skirt for ages and love this M&S one.  It’s now £22 down from £35.  I like the shape and the split up the front.  Worn with Esprit top that I’ve had for an age and my new favourite shoes, Geox white sandals.  Leather belt is also from M&S but not in the current sale.


Another M&S sale buy which I’ll get a load of wear from.  I love the sleeve length and that its not a total off the shoulder look, rather just a hint of off the shoulder.  £17 down from £35.  Worn with Reiss patterned trousers and oh what a surprise the Geox sandals.


Excuse the rather odd expression and the whiter than white legs.  Dress is Jigsaw and blouse is M&S.  Sandals are from AGL.


And this was towards the end of the week when I’d lost the will to dress up for work.  Denim shirt from Esprit, striped top is honestly about 20 years old and if I recall is from Mango.  Trousers are from Sandwich.  Virgin Ash boots.


Have a good weekend and thanks for following.



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