First outing for skirt ….

Evidence that I am turning into my mother. It drives me mad. She buys something and then proceeds to keep it in her wardrobe, proclaiming it too special to actually wear. So there it lies for months, sometimes years, like some museum piece. I on the other hand buy something new and it’s on my back by the end of day. Until recently that it. I brought this M&S metallic striped skirt (£24.75 from £49) months ago and am yet to wear it.  Too glitzy for work and just haven’t found the right occasion.


Saturday night had friends over for supper so an ideal occasion to don the old skirt.  To be fair it was a bit itchy, it might come into its own more when I can wear tights and heels with it.  But worn with Karen Millen off the shoulder told and John Lewis espadrilles.

Its always a laugh having these friends over but they know their food and booze which always gets me in a bit of a tizzy about what to cook.  Went down the Middle Eastern road – apart from the starter that it which was crabs craws and tuna ceviche.  The main though was a side of turmeric salmon which was easy peesy together with what was meant to be a maftoul salad.  Clearly I’d never heard of maftoul either so giant couscous was a stand in for that.  I’ve always been a bit nervous of doing something like crab claws but again this was a breeze.  People were smashing crab shells with rolling pins left, right and centre which is clearly indicating that my crab preparation wasn’t exactly spot on but it didn’t seem to matter too much.

Thanks for following.




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