May Go Dayglo ……

Ooops bit of a technical fault there.  There’s nothing remotely ‘on trend’ for what is basically ‘high-via’ wear but I have always loved bright coloured clothing and when finally you can say we’ve had a bit of hot weather I’m even more drawn to these citrus, almost tropical colours.  I’m sure both these dresses would look even better if I had a more olive skin tone but I just have to make do with regular fake tan applications.

I wear this Whistles dress (sale buy for about £30) in the winter with a polo neck and boots but I prefer it bare legged and worn more as a sun dress.  For me its an ideal work dress – minimal thought goes into what to wear with it and it’s the right length to wear when I’m cycling.  I’ve discovered a lot of my midi length skirts are getting eliminated from my wardrobe as they get stuck in my bike wheels.  Sandals are my ever faithful Geox sandals and the little one in the corner is also mine, seems to crop up everywhere.


All I ever seem to wear is Whistles dresses that I’ve picked up in the sale.  This is another one of those purchases.  Brought last year and I think I paid about £20.  I love it with navy and again it’s another ideal work dress as even though it says no to I wash it in the machine.  Quest sandals worn with it.


So school holidays are well and truly on us and now starts the 6-week campaign of attempting to put in an appearance at work at the same time as trying to entertain the kids enough that they don’t kill each other.  Lots of camping and a week in Cornwall planned.

Back soon with a final sales roundup.  Weirdly I haven’t found any sufficiently discounted at Whistles – it’s M&S that has all the best bargains.

Thanks for following.



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