The short story …..

Half my life I spend in a squash skirt but somehow that doesn’t seem so bad, must be something to do with the lighting on court. But at the age of 44 it’s official, my legs have gone to the dogs. My knees look like they have faces on, little gremlin ones at that.  I never really understood the concept of knee fat but there you have it folks, knee fat in all its glory.  The pins have never been my best feature, all the hockey and squash have meant I’ve got muscles just above the knee, like the speed skaters’ have, and it really is not the best of looks.  However, despite all of this as I get older I’m more drawn to shorter shorts, the length of which I’d steer well clear of if it was a skirt or dress.  In main this is really due to more of a ‘who gives a crap’ sort of attitude combined with the thought that they aren’t THAT bad, as long as they’re slathered in fake tan.

This was yesterday when I was tricked into thinking it was going to be a hot one, only to discover it was a completely overcast, nothing sort of day.  Shorts are another sale buy from & Other Stories £19.98 down from £39.99.  Halter neck is about 20 years old and is by a make I’ve never even heard of.  Flip flops look like something I borrowed from my        10-year old daughter but in actual fact I brought them about 25 years ago thinking they were a one off purchase for the beach but end up wearing them every year.


Its only the scrags of the sales left really but now is the time to bag yourself a shorts bargain.  I think if you’re dubious about going so short or even wearing shorts full stop these are a great little buy that even if you decide that they aren’t the most flattering you won’t have invested a huge amount.

Clockwise from top middle:- Mint Velvet grey striped shorts £29 (was £59).  I love these, would look great worn casual with flip flops and a vest top but if you’re somewhere beachy could be dressed up with heels and a blazer.  Gap original 1969 high rise shorts £16.99 (was 29.95).  Until end of 29/7/16 you get an additional 25% with TreatGAP which would make these very cheap.  Monsoon Ada shorts £13.50 (was £45).  These don’t look anything special but they are slightly longer and the gorgeous mustard colour would look fab with white, navy or black.  Another Gap bargain – chambray shorts £12.99 (was £34.95).  These blue and white embroidered shorts from Somerset by Temperley are gorgeous, £29.50 (was £59).  The fabric is really soft and hangs well.  There aren’t many sizes left but these Zara frayed hem shorts are lovely £12.99 (was £29.99).  I even like them with the matching top.  Centre is red and black shorts from French Connection £29 (was £59).  Shorts always seem to get dirtier quicker so a darker coloured pair would be forgiving.


Countdown is on for all 3 kids going away with grandparents next week.  Cannot bloody wait!  Saying that husband and I are planning on spending most of the time painting doors.  The decorating was getting so expensive that I merrily said we’d save money by doing the doors ourselves – little did I know what a dull, dull job this was!

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