Chaos reigns …..

Well the rugs rats are back and I have to admit I did rather them miss despite in literally half an hour my neat and organised house being reduced to a hovel of dirty washing and mess.

In their absence Mr W and I proved that we still quite like each other’s company and made it out most nights. Husband even cooked and I kid you not it was like something from a restaurant. This is the guy who’s first culinary offering to me when we were ‘courting’ was onion rings and chicken nuggets.



There’s always a seafood and curry theme when he cooks and this was in the same vein, a prawn and salmon curry with a spiced carrot slaw, most impressive although I didn’t like to go about it too much.


On Poppy’s Style blog I’d seen a gorgeous animal print dress from New Look which was only £19.99 so that got me snaffling around in the New Look sale rail.  And found this patterned maxi skirt for £15 (down from £22).  I love all the colours and slightly ethnic feel to it and even though it’s a cheap old thing it looks much more expensive.  They even throw in a belt with is a tan, plaited number which isn’t bad but I’ve changed it for this slightly wider one from M&S.   It does come up big and really a size 10 would have fitted me best but after getting Mr W to venture into NL and change my 14 to a 12 I didn’t have the heart to send him again.  Worn with Gap vest and Lili Mill sandals.

Thanks for following.



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