Final remains at Monsoon ……

Monsoon is one of those shops that I’d never buy anything full price from, I just find it too overpriced.  However they do do damn good sales if you wade through all the mountains of linen which I like to think is aimed at a much older market than youngsters like myself!  They have a more ethnic/boho range that I particularly like and when the 70% discounts start to appear its time to get shopping.

None of the trousers or jackets did it for me but there were lots of tops that I think could be really versatile buys, for both work and casual purposes.  The following were my top try ons.  I’d also like to apologise for the trousers I have on in the photos, I just grabbed the first thing to hand in the interests of photographic decency.

Didn’t think I would but I loved this embroidered off the shoulder top, especially at £14.70 down from £49.  It feels fabulous quality, a really thick linen, without being like cardboard.  I’ve got a large size on here which I like as its lies just off the shoulder rather than the rather severe off the shoulder style where you spend the whole time pulling your top down.


Like this blue top clearly demonstrates.  I’m not keen on the wide elastic band which tends to pinch at the shoulder.  Even at £10.50 down from £35 this top seemed like a bit of a creased mess, despite being a good colour.


I love the dress version of this top which has a really interesting hemline but I couldn’t find it in the sale.  This floral top £17.50 down from £35 doesn’t look much but it actually hangs well and has a more interesting back than you’d think.  Would look great with a loose fit blazer and jeans.


I’ve been looking for something similar to this black vest top for ages.  I like the silk hem detailing and the low V-back.  It’s a bargain at £7.50 down from £25 and I’d wear this with everything from my leather midi skirt to the maxi multi coloured skirt I recently got from New Look.


One of those tunics that could look great on someone with daintier legs or someone that is holidaying somewhere exotic and needs a pool throw on.  I on the other hand have no call for throw ons bearing in mind I’m likely to be spending my hols in a wet suit in the North Sea.  It’s £16.50 down from £55 which is good value for the lovely embroidery detailing but just not one for Mrs W.


Right back to the Olympics, its addictive this sports business.  Its amazing how much I now know about shooting and C1 kayaking.

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