Work outfits, but keeping it cool …..

Usual rundown of outfits but you can tell the sun is out and it’s the school holidays as I just can’t be arsed to get dressed up smartly.  Doesn’t seem to matter too much anyway really as the whole building is like a ghost town as everyone is on their hols ….. apart from me that is.  I’d like to emphasis that I haven’t been wearing shorts for work, this must have been weekend wear.

Poor kids have been thrown into squash camp on what appears to be the hottest week of the year – I can’t tell you how cross they are with me.  Its like doing that bikram yoga when you come out 2 stone lighter than when you started.

I’m really pleased with this off the shoulder top from Monsoon that I recently snaffled in the dregs of their sale.  Together with high waisted, cropped jeans from ASOS that I’ve been put off wearing recently as they seem to be getting tighter and tighter to such an extent that I can’t put my hands in the pockets.  With the Geox sandals that I oh so love and have probably been my best buy of the summer.


Old favourite next, a shift dress that I brought in the Whistles sale last year and normally wear with a turtle neck and tights.  Again my knees appear to have developed little faces but its such an easy throw on dress that I can wear when I cycle on my bike.  Sandals are from Quest.


I brought this all-in-one from Wallis at the same time as I was experimenting with the pyjama matching top and bottom look with got immediately rejected.  I really like the jungle/tropical pattern and the fact that it has longer sleeves.  I was initially a bit apprehensive about showing so much leg, but actually when you’ve got a bit of heel height on I think its just about OK.  This was 30% off at the time of buying and so around the 35 mark, I’ve since seen that it has been further reduced.


I can’t believe I went to work in this outfit as it is super casual.  Esprit denim shirt, black vest top from M&S, patterned trousers from Fenn Wright Manson and Virgin Ash trainers. Nothing more to say than don’t do it again …….


These shorts are actually pretty loose fitting despite looking skin tight in this photo.  Not the most flattering of shots but I seem happy enough.  The shorts were brought in the &Other Stories sale.  The vest top is a sale buy last week from Monsoon, worn with Converse pumps.


And finally a bit of knickerbocker glory action.  These were brought a couple of years ago in the Reiss sale and I haven’t worn them a huge amount as I feel like I should be on the golf course.  Worn with East boho top and Quest sandals.


Right I’ve got a date with the boiling hot squash court followed by the usual rigmarole we go through where we promise we’ll go to bed early but end up watching Olympics till the early hours.  Bit of an issue if you need to be up again at 530.

Thanks for following.



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