Too hot to blog …..

Our house is at the top of a hill which mean cycling home from work can be a sweaty business. So coming in from work today I literally grabbed the first thing to hand was this little strapless dress from Reiss.

I brought it about 5 years ago, goes without saying it was in the sale, and I forget how much I like it. As it’s Reiss it’s meant to be dry clean only but I’ve just thrown it in a cool wash. Despite the money I’ve saved it’s clear this dress doesn’t particularly like this rough treatment as it’s getting smaller and smaller but I don’t think it matters too much as it’s just a summer throw on. Worn with Geox white sandals.


The contents of the 6-year old’s wardrobe is about to be thrown out the upstairs window, hence my slightly concerned expression. The sooner I can get these kids into bed and a glass of something cold in my hand the better the world will be. Eek just seen it’s only 7pm and as we’re on a school holiday time zone it appears I’ve still got another 3 hours to go!

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