The sales that keep on giving ……

Personally I put it down to the weather.  Nowadays it doesn’t seem to get particularly hot or particularly cold, so the seasons merge into a series of hottish, wettish, cloudy kind of weather.  As a result the sales appear to always be on – this is why more and more I refuse to pay full price for anything.  Places like Gap have their so called new season’s stock introduced immediately followed by a 20% discount and then Bob’s your Uncle all those full price bits are thrown in the 50% sale.  Marks & Spencer seems to be following suit.  Only weeks ago I was grubbing around in the dregs of the summer sale and now here we are with a whole load of more 50% sales.

The key is to find sales pieces that you can wear into the autumn, maybe even the winter months.   Just think layering and the possibility of wearing winter alternatives to the sandals and vest tops that you might have worn in the summer.

Limited Edition tie neck top £14 (was £25).  If I’m honest I’m not totally convinced on the 3/4 length sleeves but I like the high neck and bow detail.  Wear with a blazer or parka and jeans of any variety.


Maybe something like this lightweight parka £24 (was £49.50) which could be worn like a longer length shacket.  I love this khaki colour, great with stripes or animal print.  There’s a lot of talk of ‘transitional pieces’ which I often don’t understand but actually in this case I can see that you could easily wear this as it gets chillier.


Gorgeous colour this pale blue, would look great which navy, black even the khaki colour above.  This pleated, midi skirt is a bargain at £15.50 (was £29.50).  Could easily be worn with a fitted black polo neck and boots, either ankle length or longer.


These suede trainers were originally £99 which I think is a huge amount for a pair of M&S sneakers.  Even at half price at £50 would you buy your trainers from Marks?  I’m not so sure myself but the colour and styling is spot on.


Always been a loved of culottes of any variety.  This denim pair is no exception.  They are very similar to pairs I’ve seen in Whistles and Karen Millen so at £17.50 (was £35) they are a brilliant buy.  Would look amazing with a ruffle or boho style blouse and long tan boots.


I missed this gem in my previous animal print blog but the Autograph leopard blouse £20 (was £39.50) would be such a good wear for both work and a more casual look.


These straight leg jeans are from the Ozone range which must be on the cheaper end of the scale, £9 (was £15).  It’s difficult to say without trying on but they look a good, high waist fit.


Following on from the M&S theme and before the weather turned into winter this was a M&S swing dress that I brought in the spring.  It’s a slightly longer length at the back but is a joy to wear.  With a jacket it’s easily wearable for work.  Also wearing Quest sandals.


Boy free zone this weekend as boys are over at a sleepover at grandma’s.  Originally it was just the older one that was invited but the younger one got wind and told us that unless he went he’d have a tantrum, so instead of giving him stern words about spoilt boys never getting anything we promptly capitulated and told him to pack his bags for the sleepover.  As a result the daughter has been off to watch Fulham without any annoying brothers in tow, loved it.

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