Diary of mooching around ……

I almost feel I have to make things up, we’ve done so little.  5 days in and we’re yet to drive anywhere, put any make up on or buy anything more than ice creams.  We really aren’t usually lucky with the weather, in fact the last time we did an extended family holiday like this it was howling gales all week and I’ve never played so many board games in my life.  Anyway this time it’s different and it’s an absolute revelation.  Instead of throwing a load of money at kids zoos, botanical gardens etc we’ve just hit the beach and stayed there.  We’ve all got wetsuits from ClasOhlson and I have a suspicion they aren’t the best quality in the world – Mr W. has even split his which isn’t the most attractive sight in the world.  So despite the sunshine it’s still  very parky in the water but we haven’t let that stop us.

The upshot of all is is that there are no outfit shots to show as its been wetsuits all the way.  This is my only slight attempt at dressing up but really it was all a bit half hearted.  A maxi dress dress like this black cotton one from Gap really is a must for just throwing on when clearly its not sarong type of temperatures.  This dress was brought last year in the dregs of their sale but has been worn quite a bit.  Dune sandals and Warehouse beach bag together with my charity shop hat.


Tomorrow there are big plans for actually getting our arses in gear and going to Padstow.  However this could easily petter out, although there is the Rick Stein chippie to consider.  It just seems terrible to come all this way and see nothing more than the house we’re staying in and the beach a 2-minute walk away.

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