Last rays of sunshine …..

I thought summer was done – kids are back in school, I’ve stopped painting my toenails and I was on the brink of buying a gorgeous grey M&S sleeveless cardigan that would be a welcome addition to the A/W wardrobe.  However there’s just no point as it’s been so weirdly hot this week.  So we continue on with the sandals and the sunnies unless our weather luck runs out.

Even though I’ve been working throughout the holidays, going  back to work this week was all a bit of a shock to the system.  I’d forgotten about this sleeveless top from Whistles.  Because it is cropped I’m always a bit paranoid about flashing flesh so below I’ve worn with Cos culottes which are on the high waisted side together with Dune print sandals.


Another thing that has been laying forgotten in my wardrobe is this denim jacket from Warehouse.  It’s just the right weather for a jacket like this and I’ve got a selection of the best high street ones coming up soon. Maxi skirt is from New Look and my mind has gone blank on where the sandals are from.


It’s a ‘sports fantastic’ weekend coming up – rugby, football, hockey and squash followed by a bit more hockey.  My eldest son is the skinniest thing you’ve ever seen but somehow he has been picked for the school rugby team.  I honestly don’t know how that’s happened, I’m sure he’s never played rugby before.  Just praying that he doesn’t end up in the scrum.

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