Never thought I’d say it …..

But it’s too damn hot.  I can’t go anywhere or do anything without breaking out in attractive rivers of sweat.  Certainly not the day to play an hour of squash, which I did today and ended up feeling I was half the weight I started out at.  However I gather it’s all due to change on the weather front, and for once I’m delighted.

I’ve said it before but I’m not one for all out casual, I just end up feeling like a bag of rubbish.  So the ripped/distressed jeans was something that I steadfastly ignored as I’ve had previous bad experience of knee flesh popping out of rips like sausage meat out of its skin.  This was until I discovered Gap loose fit distressed jeans which I have to say I only brought as they were so well discounted in one of their many sales.  I actually quite enjoyed wearing them but at the back of my mind there was always that thought that I was trying a bit too hard.  The rips have got bigger every time I’ve bent down so today they were turned into shorts.  Another example of my lack of ability to ‘do’ casual is the fact I’ve never owned or worn a pair of cut off denim shorts.  So for probably the one and only time this year the cut off were on today.  Worn with M&S off the shoulder top and Gia tie up sandals.


Talking of M&S they now have 20% off with the code SEPT16A21 util 19th September.  I’ll be back tomorrow with my top M&S picks.

Thanks for following.



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