Still stargazing ……..

Carrying on the starry theme from a previous blog.

So I can see that are some differences such as the necklines, Hush V-neck and New Look rounded neckline.  Then there is the fact the Hush sweater has some wool in rather than the New Look half and half cotton and acrylic.  And I suppose you could argue it’s a smaller star with New Look but to all intents and purposes these two are virtually identical.


Not surprisingly the major difference is the price.  New Look is £19.99 and the Hush is £79, or put another way you could buy 4 New Looks for the price of a Hush.  Now you could argue, ‘who the hell wants 4 New Look jumpers’ but to my mind it’s how much you want to invest in this little star ‘thang’ that has sprung up on everything from blouses to knitwear to jeans.  I’m in the 20 quid camp being enough to spend on what is essentially a logo jumper.  I also like the fact the you can shove the NL in the machine whilst the Hush you’re meant to hand to wash.  I would also add that the New Look feels surprisingly good quality, so I’ll let you know if it’s in tatters after one wash.

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