Outfit rundown ….

I was sooo smug.  I’d done a whole load of batch cooking, making giant size portions of chicken pie, beef stew and coq au vin.  Clearly little things impress but I was feeling like ‘mum/wife of the year’.  That was until today when friends were over for lunch to sample some of my culinary delights.  I now have a husband upstairs being poorly and the 12-year old with a piece of beef stew stuck in his throat.  Currently its been lodged for about 4 hours, even though every minute feels like an hour with the runny commentary that is being given.  Apparently coke is the trick as it dissolves everything in its way, although it’s yet to sort out this bit of beef.

So onto something more cheery, clothes and the layers that have been growing this week.  This duster coat has been so well worn.  It’s from Viyella where not even my mum would be seen dead in but they do do good sales.  However it does need layers so as my leather jacket appears to have gone AWOL I wore it with this Warehouse denim jacket.  Oasis star shirt under that together with M&S skinny jeans and AGL buckle boots.  Just about OK having the ankles exposed but that won’t last long.


I think it’s that sort of weather where a light weight coat is OK but you do need some layers thrown in.  This shacket is from New Look and is £32.  I really like the length and the detailing – it is slightly pulled in around the waist.  The camo sweatshirt is also from New Look £14.99 and is going to be so useful although potentially I brought too small as arm length may be a tad on the short side.  Cos yellow scarf.  Jigsaw coated jeans, although the coating appears to have washing off and Gia suede boots.


Crappy quality photograph for some reason but dead casual outfit.  M&S oversized jumper with H&M trousers which in the photo look deeply unflattering but are actually so comfortable to wear after all the skinny wearing.  Glimpse of New Balance trainers there at the bottom.


I think this dark wallpaper is sucking all the colour and life out of any photograph.  More of a sighting of the New Look camo sweatshirt but this time worn for work with Reiss blazer and River Island cropped trousers.  M&S patent shoes which I know I shouldn’t wear but as long as I walk fast everywhere no one quite takes on board the width of my feet, which is hugely emphasised by the straps.


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2 thoughts on “Outfit rundown ….

  1. I’m sure your goddaughter and I have had some sort of influence on your latest enjoyment of some New Look tat..remember, it’s all about quantity and not quality when you’re shopping there! Rather worryingly Lottie has now made a major leap into Top Shop, so no more cheap tat, just a whole heap of adidas branding and expensive tat….Hope Ben is on the mend…its that hereditary small throats scenario….!! X


    1. Can you believe I’ve passed on my small throat and chocking to him! Can’t believe Lottie has upgraded, I’m only now beginning to appreciate the joys of New Look shopping. Tell Lottie to check out Romwe – ASOS but on the cheap!


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