Choirboy chic (sort of) ……

My husband despises them more than he hates tomatoes and lamb, I get the piss ripped out of me whenever I wear them to work and my daughter just has a strange look of sympathy on her face whenever I appear in them.  I’m talking high necked, Victoriana tops with a slight gothic touch.  The look is of choir boys or china dolls wearing velvet ruffled dresses.  But taking that all in consideration I still love these sort of tops.  I think they give a Victorian base to your outfit and look great thrown on top of a leather skirt, pleated skirt or jeans.

However I have to say that maybe I’ve been getting it slightly wrong by going for solely ivory or black colours which just looks too …… Halloween!  There are so many varieties of these high neck, sometimes pussy bow tops currently in the shops.  However I don’t want a lace or sheer number that I’d only really wear if I was going clubbing, which I’m never going to be doing.  So it’s finding that elusive top that ticks the Victoriana box but that I can wear dressed down with jeans, boots and a cardigan.

These are my two absolute favourite tops that I think would do the business just fine.


I love, love this white lace blouse from Monsoon £59.  Initially I thought that teaming it with a mini skirt like this would be an absolute no, no.  However I actually think it would look great team with a leather mini, opaques and ankle boots.  This is me trying on a size 14 which was a better fit than the smaller size.  This could be worn summer and winter, a total winner in my book.


The collar height is ever increasing but I love everything about this red M&S blouse £39.50.  I’m trying on a Size 14 which I’d probably size down as it has a very full and swinging fit.  However the length is good with this size as it can be worn loose or because of the slightly chiffon like material can easily be tucked into a pair of jeans or a skirt.


There’s currently 20% off with the code OCT16A7 which runs from 20th-24th October, which makes this a good buy as just over 30 quid.


Have a good week and thanks for following.



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