Outfits this week ……..

There have been a load of different outfits this week, none of which have been captured on camera.  However these are a few outfits that did make the cut.  It appears that all the kids are completely losing their laughing places about being the official photographers, so much so that they’ve basically gone on strike.  Nothing other than edible goodies will convince them otherwise.

Monday was supper out at a friends, gorgeous but drinking even just a little bit on a school night this early in the week does set the general tone for the week.  My clever friend, Kat, is a designer for Richards Radcliffe London which produce some gorgeous bits that are normally well out of my price range.  However she had a bit of a home sale the other day where I picked up this chocolate coloured leather dress, which is to die for.  Worn with M&S polo neck and Emu boots.


Head to toe in M&S this day, with my head chopped off for some reason, although I did tell you there was mutiny in the ranks of my photographers.  Boots are ancient, so old that I can’t remember where I got them from.


All the winter clothes came out of the attic this week and I’d forgotten how much I loved this French Connection dress that I brought in the sales last Christmas, for a pittance.  The M&S polo neck makes yet another appearance, it’s my version of a vest.  Worn with Unisa ankle boots that must be about 15 years old.


There used to be a Jaeger discount shop at the back of Covent Garden which has sadly now closed.  However I brought a few things from there at huge reductions.  This yellow skirt, which is a bit school-netball-skirt-like, was from there and I’ve worn it a lot.  Worn with another polo neck from Karen Millen, blazer from &Other Stories and Emu boots.


I was always a bit iffy about this pleated skirt from Viyella after a very elderly lady stopped me in the street to say how much she liked it.  Whilst a compliment is always a complement I did question whether I embracing ‘granny chic’ too wholeheartedly.  But pleated midi skirts are everywhere and so I’m now loving this multi coloured skirt.  Worn with Whistles polo neck, Whistles leather jacket, Jigsaw belt, LK Bennett boots.


Have a good week everyone.  Despite it being half term I’m still working so Granny has arrived, to the rescue.  Originally there were all these plans to hit London and the museums but within an hour of being in this madhouse with the 3 kids, expectations have been lowered somewhat and the talk is now of a quiet day in.

Thanks for following.



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