Verdict on ‘animals on jumpers …….

Logo tops …….. Initially I thought, ‘absolutely not for me’ then somehow they grew on me and now, well I’m at that can’t for the life of me decide stage.  I can’t figure out if I like them teamed with a blazer and jeans or if they just look a bit immature, for want of a better word.  So we move on slightly to, ‘animals on jumpers’.  Is that any better or am I still going to look a bit of a tit?  I will get a divorce before a pet ever enters this house.  However despite this non negotiable stance from the husband I do love animals.  But do I want them on my jumpers, that’s the question?

There are some seriously hideous animal themed jumpers around and to make it worse they are bleeding into the festive period, cue sparkly robins and the like.  So with a lot of vetting these are my pick of the litter – boom, boom!


Clockwise from top left:- Oasis bird embroidered jumper £40; Next dog jumper £34.  I was  waxing lyrical about my love of boxer dogs only to be informed that this is actually a French bulldog; Joules £69.95; my favourite and luckily the cheapest from New Look £17.99, French Connection zebra knit £85; Miss Selfridge unicorn jumper £32

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