Tin foil dressing for a fiver …..

Primark ….. I’ve never really got the attraction myself.  I know from friends who bag designer look-a-likes at a fraction of designer or even cheap high street prices that gems are there to be found.  However I just haven’t got the will to deal with the queues or the complete tip the shop becomes if you go in any time after 10am.

However Christmas is looming which means lots of money going out, not so much coming into the coffers so I’m on a technical, ‘no spend month’.  I say technical as I paid a fiver for a Primark top which you could only describe as tin foil but that I’m surprisingly pleased with.  I found it delving around the sale rail as it was originally was £10 which the ‘no spend month’ wouldn’t have allowed.  I suspect the material is highly flammable but it adds a bit of a shine to a monochrome work outfit.  And at the end of the day if I suddenly decide I hate it I have a 80’s Christmas party to find an outfit for so it would have its moment then.


For my very conservative work place it would be too in yer face to wear completely uncovered so today I wore it with a Whistles blazer, cropped black trousers from River Island and stilettos which is changed into at work.


Thinking about it, I’ve now worn the top 3 times since I brought it last week which means that it has already paid for itself.  Not the most flattering of photos but in my defence the whole ensemble was just thrown on with the intention of staying warm which I watched the sons play their hockey and football.  Also the 6-year old was the official photographer that day – say no more.


Wearing with H&M skinny jeans, jacket from Viyella, boots from Dune and scarf many years old but I think from Debenhams.

Halloween done and dusted for another year, thank all things holy!  There was a definite stand off amongst the mums this year as they held out for someone else to host a party.  This was until I capitulated after one too many.  All the RSVPs were back like lightning.  So I had a whole load of 10-year old girls over for games followed by trick or treating.  It appears that the 10-year olds are done with the traditional witches, ghosts and the like.  This year we had a carrot (would have been more appropriate re-branded as a pumpkin I thought), a unicorn, a Geisha girl gone bad, Miss Haversham and a character from the Day of the Dead.  All very odd but hey, unto them.

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