Outfit rundown ……

Its been a while.  One thing and another but this weekend the eldest son and I went to for a little road trip to Eastbourne to visit friends.  They are house parents in a boarding school and clearly there’s a lot of fun to be had in an empty boarding house.  I’ve never been to Eastbourne before and it’s such a beautiful place with the beach and the Downs right on the doorstep.

It was definitely layering weather by the sea so M&S stripy top and culottes, Whistles leather jacket under there somewhere, Viyella jacket, boots from LK Bennett,  scarf is ancient and from some little shop somewhere.


This was for a night out with friends.  This leather dress is from a friend of mine who is one half of Radcliffe Richards London.  I dithered and swithered about whether to buy it as it was a whole lot more than I would normally spend.  However when I look around the high street and see not so special leather dresses for almost 300 quid I can justify my spend (together with a few sleepless nights of course).  Previously I’ve worn this dress more casually, with a polo neck underneath but actually prefer it like this.  Worn with M&S furry coat and Dune print heels.


This dress top/tunic/dress is so old it’s amazing it’s still standing.  The good thing is that I still love it.  Worn with Reiss coat, New Look coated skinny jeans and Emu boots.


The above outfit with a bit of variation, namely an Esprit denim jacket.


Dresses really are so easy for work.  I love that there’s one only thing to put on, cuts down on the thinking time.  A couple of years ago this Pasley print dress was on all the Monsoon advertising and I chased it down, obviously refusing to pay full price and eventually getting it for less than half price.  With each wash it’s slowly shrinking which is a shame but I still like the colour and fall of the dress.  Worn with blazer from &Other Stories and boots from a little shop in Wandsworth that are probably about 20 years old now but still going strong.


Half a head this time but another print dress – bit of a theme going on here.  LK Bennett dress with M&S polo neck and Emu boots.


Hopefully back a bit more regularly from now on.  Husband is working late all this week which curtails all my squash and goings out so may actually get a few things done.

Thanks for following and have a good week.



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