To leather or faux-leather ……..

There’s no getting away from it, if you’re going down the real leather route, it aint cheap.  As is well known by now I am not someone that likes to make ‘investment purchases’ too often and nothing makes me feel happier than routing out a bargain.  So in the past I have been tempted by faux leather but have just ended up overheating and uncomfortable.  Last year I brought a pair of £10 faux leather skinny trousers but almost passed out in the changing room when they stuck mid thigh, refusing to go either up or down.  So now I don’t mind a bit of faux leather if it’s by way of decoration on say a coat or top but would really prefer to wait for the sales and bag myself the genuine article.

Whistles has often been my shop of choice for leather.  I have a midi black leather skirt that I’ve worn to death and it was about £60 down from almost 4 times that.  I also have a Whistles black skater shirt that again I brought as it would just have been rude not as it was so well reduced.  I don’t wear it often as I’m not totally certain about the on the knee length but actually with a pair of thick tights who really cares.  Today it had an outing.

Worn today with M&S oversized jumper, Max Mara coat, AGL boots and a scarf from long ago.


The photo actually makes it look a bit like a denim skirt but I assure you it is the real Macoy.


So still on all things leather.  I’ve been so pleased with the tan coloured Radcliffe Richards dress that I brought I thought it only wise to peruse the high street, just to see if there is anything to be flagged for the sales.


M&S Autograph body con dress £229.  Gorgeous is many ways, particularly the length.  Just for me that split looks scarily high and I’m not sure how comfortable I’d be with my arms out.


Massimo Dutti £229.  This is totally gorgeous and to boot it comes in a dark navy colour.  Love the tie waist and the very wearable sleeves.


I’ve actually tried this Phase Eight £236 dress on and it’s beautifully soft leather.  The length is good but my only reservation was the zips on the sides.  I’d much rather have either nothing or pockets of some description.


Saying all I’ve said about faux leather there are some great, cheaper options out there.  My favourite is this Zara dress £29.99 is a dark maroon colour.  Worn with opaques and heels for a night out or more casual with a oversized coatigan and ankle boots.


This khaki dress from La Redoute £33 has great detailing around the hem plus the added bonus of some pockets.


Finally to the bargain bucket price of £18.74 from New Look.  I’m not a fan of the poloneck underneath only because the dress is so fitted in this picture.  And for me, the bare legs just won’t wash but for under 20 quid it’s a dress that could be pimped up nicely.

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2 thoughts on “To leather or faux-leather ……..

  1. I’m all for vintage leather actually. Well cared for its something that lasts many lifetimes. Leggings are the only things which traditional leathers don’t work well with because its only recently we have seen thinner calf and kid hides being used more. Have two pairs of pleather leggings, one quite high end but never wear them because of the same reasons, still looking out for the dream pair of the real thing.


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