Don’t tell the husband ………

The no spending month was all going oh so well.  In all honesty I wasn’t particularly tempted by anything.  This is probably because I know the sales are only weeks away and if I just bide my time I’ll be able to pick up most things I’ve spotted half price.  Then I started thinking about leather and leather jackets in particular – and I was doomed.

The tan leather dress I got from Richards Radcliffe has been a real success and I hope I’ll still be wearing it years down the line.  Now onto leather jackets ……. I’ve looked at leather jackets in Karen Millen and All Saints and they’re both nice – but not amazing – and they’re both over £300.  Which all got me thinking.  If you’re going to spend that sort of money why not buy a jacket that is that bit more special and a jacket that not everyone has.  I told you …… me thinking always ends up being expensive.

So after literally years of procrastination I have finally invested in a Richards Radcliffe leather jacket which hopefully I’ll love as much in 10 years as I currently do.


It’s an Italian fit but thankfully with longer length arms.  I was undecided about whether to go for the size 12 or 14 but ultimately went for the larger size so I had the option of comfortably wearing done up (which I don’t think I will much) and open.  The leather is super soft and there’s some padded detailing at the back which just makes it a little bit different.


In all honesty I’m not loving what I’ve worn it with.  I think it was one of those early mornings when I was desperate to wear the jacket regardless of what else I had on.  Worn here with M&S dress and Audley shoes.


Have a good rest of the week, dear God it’s only Tuesday.

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