Camels for sale for under £100………

In my humble opinion they go with pretty much anything, ranging from jeans and a breton to over a LBD for a smarter look.  The range of affordability is clearly never ending and I’ve seen some gorgeous ones in Jaeger and MaxMara but there you are having to spend at least £350 + so any purchase like that needs to left until the sales as far as I’m concerned.  However there are still some camel beauties around where you don’t need to spend a fortune.  Granted they may not last you for years and may also not be as warm as a 100% wool number but here is my selection of camel coats, of various styles, all for under 100 quid.

Clockwise from top left;

Windsmoor camel funnel mid wool coat £99 (was £249).  I always associate Windsmoor with something my granny would have brought but again as my granny would have said, ‘it’s quality that will last’.  And I think she’s right.  I’ve got a couple of Windsmoor jackets from when I used to work in Sutton where my only shopping option was a crappy Debenhams and they’ve both lasted me really well.  They also do great sales which I’m a sucker for.

Uniqlo tailor coat £39.99 (was £69.99).  This is a traditional crombie style jacket which is probably my favourite.  Uniqlo have some good quality bits.  I’d wear this mostly casual, just jeans, poloneck and ankle boots.

Topshop wool slouch coat £90.  A much longer length here that would gorgeous thrown over anything.  I’m thinking leather midi skirt or a pair of coated skinnies topped with a sweatshirt of some description.

H&M camel coat £99.99.  Just squeaked in under £100 and I like the cocoon shape with its more relaxed silhouette.  I think the only downside of this coat is the midi length sleeves which no-one is going to thank you for when it drops below freezing.

New Look camel longline coat £26.24 (was 34.99).  You’d probably need to try this to see if you can get away with a coat that is just so cheap.  The colour is a touch too pale for me, I’d be covered in stains with minutes of having it on.

I will return with more expensive camel options but until then thanks for following.



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