Weekly outfit rundown ……

Love a hat me but all the hats I had last year, and I had quite a few, have all gone walkabout.  I’m going to discover them in July, odds on.  I find them so useful for just shoving over dodgy hair when I don’t want to wash it.  Only problem with this theory is that if you’ve going down this route the hat must remain on at all times.  So inside or out it stays, which can looks a tad odd.  Anyway I’ve been looking to replace my lost hats but haven’t found anything suitable until I found this black hat from John Lewis, in the style of a train driver from ye olden times.  It isn’t ideal – I was told I looked like a Russian peasant – but it does the job.

Weirdly as I get older I’m wearing many more shorter skirts.  It’s certainly not because my legs have improved it’s just that on pins like mine – code for hockey players legs but from the 90’s decade rather than the current, more attractive era – anything around the knee length looks like a politician’s wife.  So shorter is more flattering.  This is a Jaeger skirt together with black M&S jumper (which you can’t see), Stella & Dot scarf, Radcliffe Richards leather jacket and Dune biker boots.


For me this is a perfect work outfit.  A shift dress from French Connection that can be thrown on together with M&S polo neck for warmth as it’s brass monkeys at work and Unisa boots.  This dress was one of my better sales buys last year, it was something like £20, hugely reduced and I continue to love the pattern and cut of the dress.


I wore this outfit to the first of the Christmas dos, despite it still being November.  I can never quite get my head around the fact that I play in one of the vets squash teams but actually I’ve been eligible for the last 4 years.  I’ll be playing in the vintage team before I know it.  Anyway the team is made up of me and 10 guys which I always rather enjoy!  Wearing M&S coat, Richards Radcliffe leather dress and print shoes from Dune.


This was the morning after hence the need to cover the whole of my face.  MaxMara jacket, scarf from Debenhams, cropped jeans from ASOS and AGL boots.  This was a day from hell, school fair and squash tournament on top of feeling decidedly jaded.  With all three kids having gone or currently going to the same school I’ve been going to the Christmas fairs for what feels like an eternity.  I always promise myself I’ll boycott it but then end up getting guilted into being on the bottle, packed lunch, face painting stalls …. the list goes on.


Very pleased with myself on this occasion for some reason.  Clearly still loving my new Radcliffe Richards jacket together with M&S black poloneck, New Look animal print dress and LK Bennett shoes.


Have a lovely rest of the week and thanks for following.



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