The return of the camels …..

Moving up a price bracket now from my last post which featured camel coats for under £100.  Although I’ve got tonnes of clothes and if I totted up what I’ve actually spent on my wardrobe I’d probably be ashamed and horrified in equal parts, I’m not actually one for so called investment buys aka expensive clothes.  It comes down to my lack of patience, can’t wait long enough to save up that one piece.  The one exception I’d make for that is winter coat ……. and possibly boots.  In general you do get what you pay for and the more you pay the warmer you’ll which clearly is the point of a winter coat.  So probably the best way to play it is to identify the coats you love but maybe can’t afford, bide your time and hopefully buy in the sale after Christmas or the way things go with sales nowadays, pre Chrimbo.

I do like a belted coated.  Ted Baker Aurore long wrap coat £299.  No getting away from it TB is overpriced and you could spend this amount on a Jaeger or MaxMara coat but I love the buttery colour of this one and the high neck detailing.


Miss Selfridge belted wool coat £129.  I think this is pretty good value and I particularly like the longer length and ‘dressing gown’ styling of it.


Total classic from Cos £175, beautiful in pretty much every way.


And a more textured affair from &Other Stories £145.  Again slightly longer length with belt and pockets, what more could you ask from a winter coat?


First of the Christmas parties, which are actually in December, tomorrow.  Got myself a little something new to wear.  Going for a party outfit that isn’t a LBD and doesn’t look I’m trying too hard.  Haven’t even tried it on yet, so if all this fails I’ll resort to the ever faithful tan leather dress.

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