When in doubt, blue & black …..

Been a busy old week and it’s interesting (well relatively that is, in the scheme of things) when you look back on outfits worn when you literally haven’t given what you’re wearing a moments thought.  The result can go two ways, either complete odd ball affair or just a reverting to a comfort zone of basics that you’re pretty sure are a safe bet.  And I think this is where I go, to the world of black and blue.

Bear in mind that despite the sunny day this is me ‘hockey match’ ready, so many layers are involved.  I won’t bore you with the under garments going on but the long list starts with  M&S navy polo neck.  I’ve got these in navy, cream and black and also got my eye on a metallic pale blue one but they are my top tip for winter and I’m pretty much wearing one every day when its chilly.  M&S jumpsuit, Radcliffe Richards leather jacket hidden under there together with Max Mara coat and Gia boots.


At some point this week it got warm enough to expose a bit of ankle.  This outfit was     pre-squash hence the hat and dodgy hair going on.  John Lewis hat, leather jacket as per pretty much every day, striped top and dungarees both from M&S and Dune skater shoes.


From Facebook and Instagram the theme around wreaths appears to be the more natural and parred back the more on trend.  We here don’t appear to got that memo here at 119.  It’s a fight to get inside the house and its the hugest most gaudy wreath Costco had to offer but I have to say I’m rather fond of it.  Last year we even upped our ‘wreath game’ and added lights but those appear to have been lost for this year.  Outfit comprises of John Lewis hat, Stella & Dot scarf, East top and skinny jeans and Dune biker boots.


Well have a lovely rest of the weekend and as always thanks for following.



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