The lesser spotted tan leather skirt …..

So a client requests a tan leather skirt, any sort of style not fussed, just has to be a tan/brown colour.  Easy peasy Mrs White smugly thinks to herself and then goes shopping where she is proved …… totally wrong.  The high street is crawling with black leather skirts of every description but tan leather is few and far between.  It may be a question of the seasons and that you’d find a better range of tan in the warmer months.  However these are the best of the slim pickings around.

Hobbs Nena leather skirt £139 (was £199)

Sometimes simple is best and that’s certainly what this Hobbs number is.  No frills but who wants frills with a leather skirt anyway?

Jaeger Laboratory leather skirt £199 (was £299)

Technically more reddish than tan but as a I said before it is slim pickings.  I love the length and more A-line than pencil shape of this skirt you just have to decide if you’re a zip down the middle type of gal or not.

Mint Velvet chestnut leather pencil skirt £159

‘The zips are everywhere’.  I think this colour is beautiful but when I tried it one I did feel a bit trapped by the pencil skirt style together with the zip.

Jigsaw tan leather wrap skirt £298

My favourite by a country mile.  I love the styling with a black polo neck and I’d probably add a pair of knee high boots to truly embrace the 70’s look.

Radcliffe Richards £180 (was £400)

And this is also a beautiful skirt.  Its sits highish on the waist which for me is a good thing and on has a more A-line shape than in the picture.  Also a fantastic price.

So as the kids keep telling me, only 6 days to go.  I kid you not I haven’t done half my Christmas shopping yet, thank God I work in Kingston so I can do some popping out for last minute bits.  Big old weekend just gone, I’m not sure I can stand the pace leading up to Christmas.  Come Boxing Day I’ll be a jibbering wreck rocking in the corner.  Anyway lovely supper out with friends on Saturday.


M&S skirt, Karen Millen off the should top, M&S coat and black shoes from Debenhams which weren’t by first choice but the only (literally) footwear that will accommodate the  ever increasing bunions.

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