Out of hibernation, finally ……….

So all over for another year and I’m sort of half relieved to leave a world where ‘normal’ is half a bottle of Prosecco for breakfast, supper consisting of Celebrations and cold turkey and being surprised to find it’s already 4 in the afternoon and you haven’t even got out of the PJs.  So back to work for me today which is no bad thing.   We have a new sport in the White household and that’s …… table tennis!  The little 6-year old was desperate for one for Christmas, gawd knows why as not that much taller than the table itself.  So one of those presents that you only buy because you know everyone else in the family will get loads of use from and it’s not really the 6-year old’s present at all!  Sucker!

I had a little flurry of parties leading up to Christmas but from the big day onwards I’ve been sporting a combination of leggings and hoodies.  Tip for you, all brought from the Gap sale where they were virtually giving stuff away.  Great quality kit, irrespective of the number of washes and amazing value.

This was an outfit I wore to supper with friends.  However I only wore it for a couple of hours until my mate tipped a jug of water all over me, talking soaking down to the undies.  So by 10pm I was in trackie bums and a sweatshirt.  Off the shoulder top from Karen Millen.  Skirt is from M&S.  They currently have a number of very similar midi, metallic skirts in the sale that I’m tempted by.  The shoes are ancient and only worn as they are the only footwear I could get my hooves into as a result of the bunions playing up.


Things get even worse bunion wise.  I brought these metallic shoes from the Dune sale to have a more party alternative to the usual animal print stilettos I wear with this Warehouse jumpsuit.  Look closely and you can see what a state my feet are in.  Actually cancel that they look hideous.  Anyway, even I, who can stomach quite a bit of pain in the name of an outfit couldn’t cope with this so they’ve been returned which is a shame as I really liked the box heel.


Another pre Christmas purchase this animal print mini which I picked up at Primark during one of my eternal searches for gloves you can wear and still use your phone, screen gloves if that’s the term?  It’s not classy or stylish in any way but it was 8 quid and I love it.  Worn with Richards Radcliffe leather jacket, pashmina stolen from my mum, black M&S polo neck and Dune biker boots.


I’m hoping to do some more sale shopping tomorrow, I attempted today but was thwarted by the hour long queue in Smiggle.  Dear god what a shop!

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