I’m really not feeling myself ……….

It has now been almost 2 weeks since the sales kicked off and the sole thing I’ve brought is an oversized, grey cardigan from Gap – and this was even before Christmas, so technically doesn’t count.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me as normally I can’t get enough of the sales.  The problem may be that things just aren’t cheap enough.  In my advancing age I laugh in the face of 50% discounts and am really only interested in 60% or with any luck 70% sales.

So this grey cardigan of mine, safe to say I have already worn it to death.  Originally it was £69 but I got it for £19 something after they took an extra, extra 10% off as there was a slight pull in the arm that is so tiny that I now can’t remember which side it was on.  It is so cosy and warm that I wear it more like a coat and somehow it seems to bring together anything quite ordinary that I may wear underneath.


It really was sunglass weather this day, I wasn’t just being a tool.  Both the black skinnies and blue smock top are from East.  I don’t buy a huge amount there as it’s not really much bag but they do do great sales.  Sparkly socks are Calvin Klein, biker boots from Dune.


You could be forgiven for thinking this is the same outfit.  I admit it is rather similar.  However French Connection T-shirt and Super Dry skinny jeans.  Again all brought is past sales.


And finally black Sandwich joggers, Esprit denim shirt, there’s a black M&S poloneck under there somewhere and AGL boots.  My mother-in-law knitted the scarf which is so thick and goes round my neck so many times that it feels more like a snood but does the trick of keeping me warm.

So the places I have still got my eye on for sales are &Other Stories, Cos and Whistles which all do 70% discounts but my gawd they take their time dropping that low.  I’ve also just ordered a few things from Warehouse who I always think are rubbish in store but a trillion times better on line.  We’ll see what the postman brings from them.

Have a good week and thanks for following.





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